Monday, December 12, 2011

On the Wings of a Dove

I feed birds on my deck rail because I like to watch them and take pictures of them. I especially love to feed the cardinals, the blue jays, the titmice and the chickadees. Didn't see doves on that list, did you? I am not particularly fond of feeding them---they eat way too much and constantly chase all the other birds away---but they do make for some beautiful pictures. Their wings can be so lovely. The window I photograph them through is old and etched by the elements, so the pictures are nowhere near pristine, but I really liked the almost sculptural quality of this pose, so I'm sharing it with you. You probably have a furry face you love---or a photogenic pest around that you could share some pictures of. It's the perfect time since it's "Furry Faces" week at I Heart Faces!....
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  1. great capture with the wings up. :-) I like's the pigeons that are a problem where I live!

  2. Yes, the wings are very nice. I like doves...well, maybe that is because I live in the country and they are kind of a novelty around here. We have two little doves that come around and eat on the hill at my house. All the other birds feed in the back where the woods and berries are. The doves remind me of two old lovers, talking and just enjoying each others company.