Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Classic cat pose, I know---I was wishing for something more creative, more illustrative of her personality---she's one of the least graceful cats I've met. She's also not a good jumper, which is a blessing to me---and to the birds I feed on my deck rail!.....Her name came from my pastry chef daughter and my husband and son love her. I think she can be pretty photogenic when she's not chasing shadows and bugs. I'll bet your pet is ready for his/her close-up.too. This is "Pets" week at I Heart Faces., so it's the perfect time to see lots of pet pictures and even share a photo of your own....


  1. OH! She looks so sweet (and inquisitive!) Love her name too :0)

  2. What a beautiful cat! So regal!

  3. Ah - what a sweetie! You ARE lucky she's not a good jumper. My kitty is and I feel so bad for the occasional bird (although not AS bad for the occasional mouse...and I'm torn on the occasional bat....)